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  Commentary: 20 years of hands-on service

Photo - Geoff Vaughan
Geoff Vaughan, Managing Director



Friday July 4th marks the milestone of 20 years in business for HV Power and a little over 4 years of activities in Australia. The idea, back in 1994, was to develop a technology company that would provide a creative and stimulating work environment with lots of opportunities to travel locally and beyond ……and never be shackled by the constraints of a corporate culture ! For me personally there’s slightly less travel to Australia these days since Grant Wells came on board. He’s based in Melbourne.

Looking back on the 20 years of HV Power, I salute my colleagues both current and past who have contributed to the company’s success. I am humbled by the experience and very grateful for their support and that of HV Power’s suppliers and customers alike; they’ve taught me heaps

It’s been a challenging and personally rewarding journey. I’ve enjoyed the learning and appreciated being able to delegate my weaknesses to others to leverage off their skills and the considerable knowledge of our team.

Today the company has a dedicated team of 13 and continues to grow.

  REG-D/DA Voltage Regulator Protocols – now include MODBUS TCP

The ‘PED’ SCADA card for REG-D & REG-DA voltage regulators is fast becoming a standard for the majority of our Australian customers. The PED refers to ‘Protocol Ethernet Dual’, being a dual Ethernet port card. But it also has RS-232 and RS-485 ports to support serial protocols. Currently, customers are using the PED configured for either DNP 3.00 Serial via RS-485, DNP via TCP or IEC 61850 (via Ethernet). All these configurations also allow the Ethernet port to be used for remote engineering access. The Ethernet ports are available as RJ45 copper, fibre ST or Fibre LC style connectors.

Photo - REG-DA PED comms module

Recently, MODBUS TCP protocol support has been added to the PED capability. Existing ‘PED’ users of MODBUS serial can now swap to Ethernet connection with a change of firmware and settings.

You can contact Grant Wells for more information, via grantw@hvpowerautomation.com or on mobile 0447 744311


PQ-Box 100 & PQ-Box 200 Upgrades: WinPQ Mobil (V2.0.8)

A.Eberle have released new software (V2.0.8) and firmware for their PQ-Box 100 & 200 Portable Power Quality Analysers. A new ‘Basic Data’ selection is available which excludes the measurements of individual harmonics. This is ideal for those looking for smaller file sizes, or many months of logging capacity. The USB drivers have been enhanced with noticeable improvement in the start-up time of the online Oscilloscope and other online data displays.

These updates are available for free download via the A-Eberle website:

WinPQ Mobil (32 & 64 bit versions)
PQ-Box 100 & 200 Firmware

Recent exciting developments add the first of the on-screen graphics capabilities to the PQ-Box 200. It is now possible to view ‘online oscilloscope’ and ‘online phasor’ diagrams directly on the coloured display of the PQ-Box 200 – without a laptop connected.

Photo - PQ-Box 200 LCD display

For the PQ-Box 100, there are more incremental improvements. An email describing these new features has been sent to all those on our “HV Power, Power Quality PQ-Box 100 Hints and Tips” mailing list. Please use the link at the bottom of this page to update your profile and add your name to this and other email subscription lists.


  PQ-Box 100; more memory

The very popular PQ-Box 100 Power Quality Analyser is now shipping with 2 GB of memory. If you are having us replace the rechargeable battery on an existing unit, we can also upgrade the memory card. Considering the adverse temperature conditions that PQ-Box 100’s are capable of working under (-20 to +70 deg C), we only use the industrial specified memory cards sourced from A.Eberle to ensure the continuing highly-reliable operation of the PQ-Box 100.

Photo - PQ-Box 100

Voltage Regulation: HV Power’s guide to ‘Time Programs’

As an aid to our customers, HV Power is writing documents covering the basics of voltage regulation using A.Eberle’s REG-D & REG-DA’s.  These describe (in down under English!) the internal operation of the REG-D/DA. They are ideal for those wanting to know more about the settings and operation of the regulators. Access our website Technical Library now, to download:

HV Power’s guides to REG-D & REG-DA Voltage Regulating Relays

The first of the documents released was an overview of the regulation schemes. In this newsletter we announce the addition of a document on ‘Time Programs’. The selected time program is responsible for determining how fast the voltage regulator responds to voltage exceeding the bandwidth setting. The Integrator and Trend Memory functions are also explained.

Photo - Time Programs

We’ll let you know about new guides in future newsletters, but please have a look at our website library as there are a number of useful other support documents and application notes.

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